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Hey dude! It’s me, Kyle! Kyle Brewster — we were in the same project team for East Asian Studies 250? Yeah haha! Wow, it’s so crazy finding you on here! Hey listen, I’d like to add you to my professional network.

Remember our Western Jin Dynasty report? Good times, good times. I was literally just thinking we should get the old crew back together sometime. You, me, Marissa, Lee Pang. I still owe you guys a round of drinks for missing our final presentation. Ugh, pledging was crazy busy but I gave you all 5’s for participation. I started researching more about Buddhism and stuff, though, and it’s actually pretty sweet. You should check out The Secret.

How’s work going? Oh awesome, so like making Excels and balancing financial revenue incomes and stuff? Sick.

Me? Well, I’m doing Social Media for Brewster Plastics Corp. We make that little knob on airplanes that keeps your tray table up. It’s called a “dwindle”. Check us out on Pinterest. I wasn’t planning on doing the family business but you know, with the whole economic recessionary and the bubble collapse it’s like literally crazy right now. Working for my Dad isn’t bad, though. He’s all, “I hope you’re paying attention — one day this will all be yours. SIMBA!” Haha just kidding, that’s my James Joyce impression.

I’m actually starting my own business group and I would love to get you involved. Have you ever heard of multi-level marketing? Imagine someone handing you $50,000 — a month! It could be our reality,

bro. There’s this crazy new health drink that’s super rich with linseed extract. Think about it: The baby boomer marketation is a niche target group with like, synergies and stuff. If you sell it to your grandparents, and then your friends sell it to their grandparents, and then their friends sell it to their grandparents, and then THEIR friends sell it to THEIR grandparents, and then their friends sell it to their grandparents — the possibilities are, literally, endless. That’s what Mason Clydesdale said. He’s the guy who invented PancreaFlax®. The man is sort of a professional hero of mine — in just two years he went from managing the Ruby Tuesday’s in Barstow to running his own successful flax conglomerate. I got to meet him at this convention at the Red Lion. There’s another one next month, you should totally check it out.

For sure. Anyways, it’s great to connect bro. If you ever want a recommendation I’d definitely write one for you,

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just let me know. Hit me up if you’re ever in Yorba Linda!

Kyle Brewster, VP Social Media, Brewster Plastics Corp.


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