I Keep on Hating LeBron

One of the most important shifts in my thinking over the past several years was realizing how many of my opinions are largely unsupported by facts. I’ve slowly been trying rid my mind of these,

since they mostly serve as mental clutter. You won’t hear my views of on how Obama should buy prednisone online be handling the economy nor anything relating to cars.

There is one uninformed opinion I haven’t managed to shake yet: I dislike LeBron James.

I won’t claim there’s anything wrong with being among the LeBron haters, I just don’t have any ground to stand on when I join them. Roughly estimating, I’ve watched somewhere in the range of 100 minutes of him playing, but I firmly believe he’s not a great competitor. A great basketball player? Yes. But not a great competitor.

Thankfully, given the near-sacred position of ESPN, it’s not at all unusual for me to hold this opinion, and, following their example, I have no problem voicing it loudly.

Somewhere along the line I decided the proper attitude for a

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basketball player should follow Jordan’s win-at-all-costs model, which is slightly ironic given that the last NBA finals I pretended to pay attention to was the Bulls’ ‘98 win … when I decided to cheer for the Jazz. I’ve also held onto my dislike for Jordan based on the fact that he seems like a jerk (which makes Space Jam one huge lie).

My opinion on James in even more illogical in light of my all-time favorite athlete. I know my father

will shake his head when he reads this, but

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it’s still Brett Favre. Even after he broke Wisconsin’s collective heart and did his best to get the Vikings a Superbowl. Even after we all found out he’s kind of a scum bag in real life.

I can boil my continued appreciation for Favre down to a single thing: his love for the game. There’s no debate he’s one of the greats, but he’s definitely outside of the top-five. He didn’t win like Brady, couldn’t throw passes like Manning, and didn’t have the surgical precision of Rodgers.

What he did do was start every game for 321 Sundays over 19 years. He threw passes regardless of the defense and completed far more then he had any right to. He blocked down field well into his thirties. He picked his receivers up on his shoulders when they caught a touchdown. He joked with the refs and was often

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smiling and laughing on the sidelines. He played like he wanted to have fun.

It’s a lot like what James does.

Both have multiple MVP’s. Both are among the most entertaining players to watch. Both have been the face of a franchise only to leave. But Favre has a ring and that’s just enough to send my opinions to extremes.

But like I said, it’s not really logical.

Nick is a co-editor-in-chief of The Basement. He's currently pursuing his masters of medical physics in Richmond, VA. After a good couple of years of fandom when the Packers, St. Louis Cardinals, and Blackhawks all won championships, he's finally starting to forget just how bad Notre Dame football was. He thinks the world would be a better place if we all just listened to a little more James Brown. Follow him on Twitter @NRAndersonRVA

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