A Fortnight's Best: May 24 – June 5

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1. Snow White and the Huntsman may have only been so-so, but Florence + the Machine’s song “Breath of Life” playing over the credits makes the movie so worth it. — Maija Gustin, Editor

2. The live lip-dub proposal has taken the world by storm (we’re even watching it in Uganda), and it makes even the hour it takes to download via Ugandan Internet worth it. — Annapatrice Clark, Guest Writer

3. Jason Alexander hasn’t done much

in the past couple years, but he seems to pop up every once in a while.

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It’s nice to see that not only does he seem to have a decent opinion, but actually put some thought into it. Also, every celebrity should read over that for a lesson in how to make real apology, not one of those sorry-if-it-offended-anyone speeches. — Nick Anderson, Co-Editor-in-Chief

4. Marina Keegan, Yale class of 2012, wrote this piece for a special graduation edition of the Yale Daily News. Tragically, she died in a car accident less than a week after her graduation, making her words

even more powerful. — Mary Claire O’Donnell, Guest Writer

5. E3 (the yearly video game industry convention) has been somewhat lack luster thus far, but The Gameological Society (an offshoot of the AV club which is an offshoot of The Onion) put together some of the great mysteries of past years E3’s. If might not make much sense if you’ve never much attention, but for those of us who have, its a great list of what could have been. — Nick Anderson, Co-Editor-in-Chief

6. Goodbye, Mrs. Landingham. Kathryn Joosten, the actress who played Jed Bartlet’s secretary on The West Wing, died this week. This scene from the series takes place after her character died in a car accident, and the speech is still apt. — Laura Myers, Columnist

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I finally, finally saw The Avengers, and it was basically the best cinematic superhero smorgasbord ever and I would see it again if I wasn’t so broke. I’ll just assuage my withdrawal with some of Gingerhaze’s brilliant little fan-art comics. — Jordan Gamble, Editor


Jordan Gamble is a 2011 graduate of the University of Notre Dame, the happiest place on Earth. She's a copy editor at a newspaper in Indiana and dreams of one day writing a trashy teen romance novel. She enjoys proofreading, buying Diet Coke in bulk, holding back tears about the "Friday Night Lights" finale and being a snob about growing up on a farm. Follow her on Twitter @Jo_Rae

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